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This is a picture of Hayden Williams (centre) with two Misguided models either sided of him giving him an air kiss on either cheek. Hayden is in yellow plaid and the two models are also in plaid, the one on the right is in blue plaid and the one n the right is in black and white plaid. All three in the picture are wearing a beret. Hayden is looking over the shades he is wearing, looking straight to camera.
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Special Guest: Hayden Williams


I love Hayden Williams’ story. If you want to know how cream rises, I guess it doesn’t get much truer than his story. From a young kid fascinated by Disneys iconic imagery to a young man creating imagery that has inspired many of todays icons. inspired them to recognise and support young talent. Inspired them to be generous. That’s the beauty of art I guess. From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande to Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell to Oprah Winfrey, his art has impressed them all. Hayden and I spoke for quite some time. During the conversation I asked him about the moment a certain illustration he put up on his twitter account, made him drop everything and charge full steam ahead at his dream. 

Jessica Rabbit.

She had just started her ‘Loud‘ era. You know? 

The red hair…Super striking! And I remember she had just dropped the album cover.

I love that picture of, you know, the close up of her face, her eyes are kind of closed, she’s kind of giving Jessica Rabbit vibes. And obviously, you know, Jessica Rabbit is one of my huge inspirations. So I fell in love with that. Before that I was focused more on just kind of doing my own miscellaneous models. I was drawing things and I was gaining popularity, but I wasn’t drawing ‘pop culture’ stuff that much. I wasn’t really drawing celebrities that much. And she was kind of like, I guess maybe the first celebrity.

This is the picture that Hayden Williams drew which caught the eye and attention of Rihanna. She is wearing a light pink dress with long red hair and high heels looking down to the left at the floor.
Hayden Williams - 'She had just started her 'Loud' era.

Drawing inspiration.

It was more so just models wearing my creations. They weren’t really anyone specific. It was just my own models that I’d come up with.

This time around, I was kind of drawing inspiration from pop culture and what was happening. I guess in a kind of way, I used to do that anyway from, you know, being a kid. I would do that anyway with the Disney drawings and all that. That’s pop culture. But then at the same time it’s like, this time it was the celeb world of Hollywood and yeah, it just worked out perfectly.

Hayden Williams recently collaborated with the fashion brand Missguided in the UK. This is a picture of a few of his designs worn by various models for the final launch of the line. They are in chequered plaid in (from left to right) blue, pink, yellow and black and white. All models are wearing beret's. All have short skirts apart from far right in long trousers.
Hayden recently collaborated with Missguided wot bring his illustrations to life. The line is called | Hayden Williams vs Missguided.


So I did an illustration inspired by that cover. But instead of just doing the closeup and copying that picture, I decided to extend it and do like a full look. So I took inspiration from the shot of her face, but then did an outfit inspired by the era. She called it like a ‘baby doll’ thing, but with we’ll get to that.

A blush pink top and skirt, I think my followers would remember the look, but the skirt had almost like a, it wasn’t really intentional, but it was like, it had a slight lampshade umbrella-esque looking skirt and it kind of came out.

This is an illustration drawn by Hayden Williams of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Beyoncé is also a fan of his work and as is shown here, tweeted her appreciation using a blushing smiling emoji. She is in a regal light blue and gold corseted outfit with a regal looking collar surrounding her neck and thigh high red boots.
Beyoncé tweeted her appreciation for Hayden's illustration of her with a smiling, blushing emoji.

But yeah, so it came out and then, you know, it just, it really looked great and I was proud of it. I put it out and then the notifications started! It was just, like every day it was more and more likes, more and more retweets. And I was like, okay, clearly people are really enjoying this illustration.

It kept on gaining traction and I had tagged her, but she hadn’t seen it yet. Then yeah, a few days later, I guess, for some reason she came across it. I dunno if it was maybe a fan page that retweeted it or something. The next thing I knew, she followed me! Then I was like, ‘Oh, uh-oh, what’s going on here?’ And then she Dm’d me not long after. I was shookieth at this point!  And I was kind of like, what’s going on here?

Naomi Campbell approached Hayden Williams to share one of his drawings of her in a book project she had been working on. She poses with him in this picture at the launch of her book which contains his illustration.
LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 18: Hayden Williams (L) and Naomi Campbell attend an event hosted by Naomi Campbell, Burberry and TASCHEN to celebrate the launch of 'Naomi' at Burberry's at Thomas's on April 18, 2016 in London, Englan (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Burberry) *** Local Caption *** Hayden Williams; Naomi Campbell

What does the dm say!?

I didn’t know what to think. I just remember kind of running around a little bit, like a headless chicken because I was like, okay, this is really kind of crazy. And I’m not someone that gets starstruck, or get’s crazy, but it was just kind of a moment like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ This is before I even read the dm. I thought, okay, she ‘is’ following me now. She’s Dm’d me. What does the dm say? In the dm she was really gushing about the design. She was like, ‘Oh my God!’ Asking me where I’m from? She goes, ‘That baby doll is money!’. Like, ‘We should do something together’ and ‘It’s sick!’. And just, just going crazy about the design. 

I still have the dm now.

This is an illustration of Rihanna by Hayden Williams. She wears a baby blue Fenty (off shoulder) jacket / dress with thigh high boots and blue block shades. Her hair is long and straight.
Rihanna - by Hayden Williams


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