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Special Guest: Joss Stone


I had so much fun talking to Joss. We laughed a lot and had a good catch up. She spoke about her relationship and how it came to be, her world tour which she has ‘almost’ finished, her family of pets, becoming a mother to be and her cool podcast – A Cuppa Happy. Happiness is apparently not without its own controversy, here’s what she told me about happiness, choice and a tiny bit of what she’s learned so far.


I’m enjoying doing the podcastIt’s kind of a search for happiness. Or actually… the meaning behind happiness. It’s a very broad topic. So massive and so interesting. So it will never ever get boring. That’s what I liked about it.

It’s what everyone wants and I think a lot of people, they think they need certain things to become happy and they’re oftentimes very, very wrong. And unless somebody with data to back up their studies and a history of education in the subject of the mind, unless that person says, hey, guess what? Money won’t make you happy, too many drugs won’t make you happy, unless they say things like that and in a way that’s kind of detailed. People may continue down the wrong path. I just wanted to investigate it.

This is a black and white picture of Joss Stone balancing a white mug on top of her head for her podcast - A Cuppa Happy.
Joss explores the concept of happiness in her podcast - A Cuppa Happy.


I do one every week. Not sure who my next guest will be. Maybe that’s you Lemar? You’re my next person. I’d love to hear all about your thoughts on happiness.

You know what’s good about the podcast and the kind of concept of it is that everybody has an opinion on this subject and it doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from. Everybody has an opinion on happiness and I found it really shocking how controversial happiness actually has become. It’s really bad.

It’s so weird. People do get annoyed, I mean, not while listening to podcast. It’s just, if I mention anything to do with being happy and having, in fact the word that really pisses people off is ‘choice’. That is the most irritating.

I don’t know. I think when you say to somebody that is having a difficult time. If you mention choice and the facts that surround that word.

This is a picture of Joss Stones pets in the back of her car. There are four dogs the smallest of which recently passed away.
Joss stone loves travelling with her pets. They makes her - happy! ☕️


If you mention that you have choice, that human beings have free will and choice, this is just my thought now, I think that it puts a responsibility on them for their own happiness and that sometimes can feel like a lot of pressure.

I think if you were to have that conversation with somebody that is deeply upset like deeply upset regularly every day, they then start to feel like it’s their fault. And then they start to feel very pissed off with the person that brought that information to them.

It’s very hard because sometimes they don’t know how to make the choices or they haven’t practiced making the choices, they don’t know what the right choice is.

I’ve only had like, two or three haters. The messages I get are obviously 95% lovely but it was funny the other day, Cody came up into the bathroom while I was brushing my hair and he just started to read the messages for me and he’d never done that before and it was this lovely.

I'm Learning Too.

There was this lovely message from somebody saying, I really needed this and then he went onto the next one and I felt like that’s why, thank God. He said I just thought that you needed to hear that because sometimes I need a little bit of that too.

And yeah, I did need it. Because you worry, I definitely don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s not the point. 

So if my job is to give good feeling, which I consider it to be, then if I’m not, Oh my God, then I have to go home. 

So it’s nice to know that people have lessons and have taken something from it.

This is a picture of Joss Stone and Lemar smiling to camera before chatting about her new podcast A Cuppa Happy.

Because it’s not me, it’s opinions from people that are well versed in the subject. I’m just asking them the questions and…

I’m learning too.

(Joss Stones new single Walk With Me is out now.)

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