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This is a picture of just a few of the awards sitting above Richard Griffiths fire place. From Lemar and Little Mix to Celine Dion, One Direction and Michael Jackson, he's worked with them all.

My Michael Jackson Story

"...so I said, "Let me talk to Chris." I was like, "Chris, hi. Look, I've been thinking about this deal and I'm not sure that it should be 50/50. I...

Kevin Sutherland poses with Lemar after his tale of legal victory over V2 and Richard Branson. for the band name - 'Liberty'.

Richard Branson Took One For Liberty

‘All of a sudden I hear them announce. "Yes! Now we have the new V2 signing, under Richard Branson's Label. The V2 signing 'Liberty!' And I was like ...

Life size statue of smiling Chinese man by Yue Minjun. A&R come President of Capitol Records, Nick Raphael showed the statue to Lemar during the tour of his new home.

Sam Smith Demo Gave Me Energy

Two things that taught me. One, the power of music. Two, the power of a hit. Not even knowing it's a hit. Because it hadn't been out yet, but...


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